Got questions?

1. What is the online education and training platform?

The online education and training platform is called GLIMP, the abbreviation for Global Learner Implementation Management Platform.

2. How easy is it to use the system, especially if you are not computer literate?

GLIMP was designed with a few objectives in mind, one of these objectives were to make it user-friendly.  Simplifying it to enable computer illiterates to use the system to study online.

3. Can the system be white labeled?

Yes the system can be white labelled to use your own courses and to reflect your company’s corporate branding.

4. What support do you provide?

We provide IT support and support on all our courses on the system. The support can be extended based on the unique requirements of the client.

5. Do you upgrade the system from time-to-time?

Yes, we continuously upgrade the system that will provide you with the latest technology.

6. Do you provide training how to manage and use the system?

Yes, we provide training on how to use and manage the system based on your requirements. 

7. Can we upload our own courses?

You can have your own courses uploaded. We will provide training on the format that you need to convert your training material to for us to upload it.

8. What is the contract duration with you?

The contract period is for 12 (twelve) months. You do have the option to cancel your contract giving 30 -day’s notice without paying any penalties if you are not satisfied you can cancel the contract.

9. If I need a specific course that is not on the platform, can you find for the course?

We can and will submit the course material to you for approval before uploading it on the platform.

10. How long does it take to set-up the system?

Depending on your requirements, a week.

11. Can we request that you add additional functionalities?

This is what makes the system excellent as we can add more functionalities based on your requirements. The platform must be “fit for your purpose”.

12. What is the security of the platform?

  • Our data center environment undergoes a SAS 70 Type II examination at least once a year.
  • All our computing equipment is located in a physically secure facility, where electronic access controls are used to prevent unauthorized access to computing facilities.
  • Our firewalls are configured based on the principle of least privilege, where firewalls only allow approved applications, protocols, and services required to meet business needs.
  • We use intrusion detection or intrusion prevention systems to monitor and/or protect your network.
  • We conduct/require background screenings of all personnel (employees and contractors) that have access to critical infrastructure, servers, applications, or data.
  • We use documented security baselines to harden and secure IT systems. 
  • We maintain reasonable security precautions consistent with industry best practices, as documented in standards such as ISO/IEC 27002.
  • If an information protection incident occurs, we are able to provide audit logs to review. That being said, there are certain logs we are unable to share given the sensitivity of the information within.
  • During 2017 we requested an external company to do a vulnerability scan. The scan proved that our systems meet the highest IT security requirements.