GLIMP for Business

GLIMP is designed to enhance your training experience.

Online Training Courses

Make use of our profiling evaluations to develop learning paths for current employees or choose courses based on your business’s training needs.

Accredited Qualification

Our online training courses are skills based courses resulting in credit accumulation towards recognition of an accredited qualification.

On Demand Training

Enables your company to train employees or clients on demand, anywhere, anytime.

Measure Everything

Measure the time and money you have spent on training with the captured results provided through the GLIMP platform’s reporting system.

Bring Your Own Courses

Upload and manage your own courses for employees or clients.

Additional Learning Material

Additional learning material in the form of e-books, videos and research material is provided for further knowledge development.

Online training

Online based training is easily accessible for every employee, Online training enables you to train employees or clients at the same time, on demand.

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Student profiling

Our profiling evaluations helps provide a report on an individuals real training needs.

Distance education is more user friendly

Distance education allows for the training of employees at satellite offices, franchises or departments that do not have regular access to a computer or whose working environment is more user friendly towards distance education methodology.

Study time and practical application

The distance training courses have a longer learning duration due to the practical application components that must be completed in the workplace to measure the success of the training.

Use you own content

Upload and manage your own courses for employees or clients.

Distance Training

Distance training enables employees to be educated or trained that do not otherwise have access or time to attend a training facility.  These courses are extensions of our online courses for further skills development. Thus, cutting down on time away from work for training. Saving time and costs of educating or training employees.

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Blended Training

Blended Training refer to the formal Qualifications presented via Distance Education where the practical application or demonstration is compulsory as part of the assessment process.

With blended learning employees must demonstrate the practical applications of a specific skill before they can be evaluated.  This allows a credit accumulation towards the recognition of an accredited qualification.

The biggest advantage of GLIMP is that it can be customised to the requirements of a company's training needs.

It is not just another e-learning platform, it is an online education and training platform that combines online training, distance training and blended training into a single platform. It allows more flexibility with additional learning material in the form of e-books, videos and research material.

With GLIMP’s diverse learning ability, no employee or client will be excluded from training. Enabling a company to train and educate more employees at the same time.

GLIMP provides custom solutions to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. Tell us more about your training needs.

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