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Why choose GLIMP?

The online education and training solution was developed to be accessible, affordable, convenient and simple, whilst complying with the educational and training needs of businesses and individuals.
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GLIMP provides an online tool to help with learner guidance on what further skills (courses) a learner needs to acquire. Educating on what is needed and eliminating unnecessary costs and time. In addition, a unique learning path can be developed to ensure that the employee will progress to the next level or will acquire the necessary skills to be more productive or perform better in their job.
The biggest benefit of the online education and training platform is that it can be customised to the requirements of a company for more beneficial training purposes. With GLIMP’s diverse learning ability, no employee or client will be excluded from the training provided. Enabling a company to train and educated individuals at the same time, but not necessary in the same class or work environment.

What is GLIMP?

The online education and training platform is called GLIMP,

an abbreviation for Global Learner Implementation Management Platform.

Not just another e-learning platform!

GLIMP combines online training, distance training and blended training into a single platform.

All in one solution

GLIMP is a turnkey solution that will support all your training demands.


GLIMP offers the ability to add additional learning material and custom functionalities.

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